Student Negotiation Club

Through our close collaboration with Harvard undergraduates, we have created and provide academic support to the undergraduate club called the Harvard College International Negotiation Program (HCINP). This group of motivated students works with INP to bring workshops, information, and other opportunities to students across the College and around the world. This group also serves as a platform for INP to mentor the next generation of negotiation scholars and practitioners. Students in the club assist INP with research, workshops, and event planning, providing an up-close perspective on processes of negotiation and conflict resolution.

The club has produced a wide range of tangible outputs. For examples, students worked with Professor Shapiro and associates to bring negotiation tools to the international Model United Nations program. They provided tailored negotiation workshops for Model UN faculty advisors in New York City during the conference and spread negotiation tools to thousands of young leaders around the world. 

HCINP hosts a negotiation training program for graduating seniors and select underclassmen from Harvard College. During this intensive 3-week seminar, students learn through experiential exercises the rational, emotional, and identity-based modes of negotiation. Participants gain skills to resolve conflicts of all types, from interpersonal to international.

The club leads a Civil Discourse Project that connects undergraduate students from across the world in productive dialogue on divisive issues. HCINP has built partnerships with a diverse array of undergraduate institutions and helps facilitate discussion with students from a wide range of backgrounds, ideologies, and life experiences, culminating in an in-person conference held on campus.

For more information on HCINP, please click here.