Research & Education Initiatives

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The Harvard International Negotiation Program collaborates with a wide array of scholars and practitioners to conduct research on conflict resolution and to spread empirically supported methods both locally and globally.   


Our global efforts are rooted in the most current research of INP's faculty and associates.  We conduct scientific research on optimal approaches to conflict resolution, drawing on neuroscience, social psychology, clinical psychology, sociology, and related fields.  We also empirically investigate the impact of educational initiatives and spread our findings through journal articles, books, working papers, and presentations.  Our impact is strengthened by Harvard’s global reach, contributing to a deeper understanding of the processes of conflict resolution and reconciliation.  


At Harvard, we train current and future leaders in methods of conflict resolution through undergraduate and graduate-level courses, executive education workshops, and lectures, as well as through internship opportunities and mentorship.

To broaden our impact, we collaborate with governments and organizations around the world to build and implement high-impact, research-backed curricula on negotiation and conflict resolution.  We have worked with (and learned from) a great variety of partners including faculty at universities across the continents, NGOs, government officials, and seasoned negotiators who have contributed to the resolution of intractable conflicts.