Global Education

INP believes that the best theory is a useful one.  We spread our frameworks and tools to policymakers and other stakeholders involved in seemingly intractable conflicts.  We do this in several ways, all aimed at providing experiential, interactive opportunities to understand conflict and learn tools to resolve it.  In particular, INP provides:

  • Tailored Negotiation Workshops.  We develop customized negotiation trainings for current and emerging leaders through cooperation with the World Economic Forum, governments, and organizations struggling to resolve deeply embedded conflicts.  If you are interested in such a workshop for your organization, please click here.
  • Global Curriculum on Conflict Management.  INP has pioneered an innnovative negotiation curriculum to support current and future leaders in fostering sustainable peace and security.  This curriculum, which is nearing completion, combines firsthand accounts of global peacemakers with innovative strategies for negotiating differences.  It introduces leaders to one of INP's key negotiation frameworks, the 5x5 Framework of Negotiation, which provides rational and emotional methods to foster collaboration.
  • Disputes Resolution Analytics.  INP develops innovative methods for improving dispute resolution systems.  For example, we served as an adviser to the International Criminal Court at the Hague.  In collaboration with students at Harvard Law School, INP analyzed flaws in the ICC's system, recognizing that in many situations of ongoing hostitlity in which the ICC becomes involved, seeking international justice in its narrowest sense might exacerbate conflict on the ground. INP collaborated in building a sophisticated, multi-dimensional Conflict Assessment Instrument for use by the Court.