Bruce Shackleton

Dr. Bruce Shackleton

Senior Associate
Bruce Shackleton

Dr. Bruce Shackleton has served as a Senior Associate to INP since 2003.  He is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School as a Lecturer and is a Clinical Associate at McLean Hospital. He is a consulting psychologist; executive coach, mediator and psychotherapist who has taught mediation and negotiation skills in a variety of business and organizational settings.

In his consulting practice, Dr. Shackleton has worked with executive teams, professional partnerships, family businesses, individuals and families.   He assists his clients in the areas of leadership development, organizational change and identity clarification, as well as negotiation and conflict resolution locally and internationally.  He is currently leading a research project at INP to explore how we can expand our worldviews and sense of identity in the face of emotionally charged conflicts using perspectives achieved by astronauts; Overview Effect.

Dr. Shackleton previously served as a Clinical Associate on the Psychology Staff (Department of Psychiatry) of the Massachusetts General Hospital, where he specialized in occupational health psychology; and consulted on occupational and environmental stress management, and career development.