Negotiation Curriculum: For Students

Six talented undergraduates worked for several years to develop a negotiation curriculum for faculty and students. The result of their effort is an amazing resource that is made available for free on this website.   ** To download a copy of the book, please click here:  Understanding Others through Negotiation.

Background about the book "Understanding Others through Negotiation"

Understanding Others through Negotiation offers a series of classroom activities and case studies to help students learn to conduct more healthy, enjoyable, and effective negotiations. Designed and field-tested at Harvard College under the guidance of Prof. Daniel Shapiro, these exercises transform negotiation theory into practical lessons and strategies for students of all backgrounds.

Every exercise contains (1) an overview of the chapter’s purpose; (2) step-by-step instructions on how to successfully facilitate, discuss, and reflect upon each activity; (3) suggested scripts, stories, and other teaching resources that help introduce and analyze each concept; and (4) a list of necessary materials. By providing detailed guidance on every aspect of each exercise, instructors are well-equipped to facilitate each activity regardless of their prior familiarity with the field of negotiation.

College undergraduates and high school students are on the brink of embarking on exciting careers where handling conflicts and being good negotiators will be essential. Given this importance, we believe the exercises and insights contained within Understanding Others through Negotiation should be made accessible to all, irrespective of financial status. As such, Understanding Others through Negotiation is freely available online.

Click here to watch the online launching of the book and to hear from the book team.